The ANS Seal of Quality “ÖGE-Gütesiegel”

Key message of the Conference “Prevention for Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity – A Key to Healthy Living“ 2007, in Badenweiler, Germany, was to improve the health of the European people through a healthy and balanced diet and more physical activity. One of the main goals of the Badenweiler Declaration was that 30 percent of the mass caterers should provide healthy food and meals till 2010.

Following this goal, the ANS awards a seal of nutritional quality to caterers, canteens, and commercial kitchens, which provide health-promoting meals, based on a nutritional evaluation of the submitted menu plans. This “ÖGE-Gütesiegel” hallmarks the respective menu line as conforming to the scientific principles of a healthy balanced nutrition thus making the right choice easier for consumers. In the process of evaluation, caterers are counselled as to how to improve their meals. In this way, the ÖGE-Gütesiegel is also a tool within the National Action Plan on Nutrition (NAP.e) to achieve a healthier nutrition of the Austrian population.

Quality criteria:      

  • Compliance with the recommendations for the

   target groups of one or more menu plans

  • Nutrient-sparing preparation of the meals:

       - Scientific bases

       - GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

  • Adequate supply of:

       - energy, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fibre

       - mineral and trace elements: calcium, magnesium, iron, and iodine

       - vitamins: vitamin C, B1, and E                             

Audits are performed once a year.

Target groups:

Kindergarten and school caterers, workplace canteens, food providers and kitchens in nursing homes and hospitals.

The ANS Seal is recommended for providers of school catering (full or partial board) and school buffets within the frame of the Austrian initiative on the improvement of food and drinks offered in schools. Nowadays in Austria, more than 40.000 people benefit from better and healthier meals from mass caterers in kindergarten, school and business through the “ÖGE-Gütesiegel”.



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